Luxury Wedding Cakes – Buttercream Cake

What style wedding cake do I want? Burttercream cake

The fourth part of the what style wedding cake do I want series. Looks at luxury wedding cakes – buttercream or ganached cake.
Most know what buttercream is but what is ganache? Ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate. Ganache is what I mainly use on my wedding cakes unless otherwise asked. You can have white, milk or dark chocolate ganache. I find that it is less sweet than the traditional buttercream.

Why would you choose a buttercream wedding cake?

Ganache works exactly like buttercream so you can have it flat or ridged like the photos below show. If you want some something more rustic you don’t need to have it smooth. You can leave it with a more textured look. ​As you can see from the photos you can no longer see any of the cake like the previous two styles. This seals your cake inside and keeping it nice and fresh! 

Lots of choices of decoration for a buttercream cake, from hessian ribbon and fresh flowers, to sugar flowers and fruit.
The cake below opted for buttercream roses piped on the side. With a hint of pink to tie in there colour scheme.
If you want more colour one couple opted to have a purple ombre cake to match their colours.

Wedding cake toppers

​As always adding toppers is the perfect way to make it personal to you. There are lots of different types of toppers and I love to see what the couples choose. I’ve seen Funky Pops to haybales over the years. I cant wait to see what I get asked to place on top of your wedding cake!

Add extra height to your wedding cake

To add height to your cake you can have separators between the tiers. Then fill them with fresh flowers like the picture below. You don’t need to have white chocolate ganache. You can opt for milk or dark chocolate as well. I hope that has helped you learn about buttercream or ganached cakes.

​There is a lot more choice once you start fully covering the cake. Check back for the next and final part of the series to see all the possibilities with fondant!  

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