Get to know Jax

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that I have been baking since I was a small child. I can remember baking with my gran and in fact on my 5th birthday she gave me a recipe book. Which I still have today and still even use some of the recipes from it! When I’m not in my kitchen I love to enjoy fun activities with my friends, recently I have been paddle boarding, abseiling, completed a half marathon and walked on fire!

How I started…

Back in 2012 I studied cake decorating and wired sugar flower courses at the local college. A year later, a lot of royal iced piping and a few hundred sugar leaves I completed my courses. 

It was then that my little business began to grow. My mum informed me that her kitchen was not the place where I could start my business. Something to do with icing sugar getting just about everywhere! Living on the farm though there was plenty of space. My dad was reluctant to give me a shed, but he did allow me a space in a field. After a bit of digging, some concrete, and inspection from the cats. (Their paw prints seal of approval in the fresh concrete!) I had a space.

Next was the fun bit after several road trips with mum. I purchased a portacabin and in December 2013 it arrived! It was here but empty, luckily my mum and uncle Mike very kindly fitted my kitchen for me. Finally with a visit from the plumber and electrician. I was good to go officially opening my doors on 17th January 2014.

Next step…

Most of the time I loved my portacabin. Though when we actually got a summer and after baking my cakes it could end up pretty warm. It made up for it in the winter months as it got very cold! However I am very lucky to have been able to turn my dream in to a reality. A few 1000 eggs later and in 2017 I moved my business in to the village of Shebbear. Converting the double garage into a professional kitchen with its own separate entrance. This is when I expanded to offer catering as well.

Team Effort…

I couldn’t of done it with out the support of my family. (Who saw all the tears behind the scenes when things didn’t go to plan), my friends and my team! My pretty amazing bosses who supported me, let me have time off. Which in turn grew my business beyond my dreams. Which led me to June 2019 giving up my part time petrol forecourt job to focus solely on my business. 

Despite the long hours and the 2am starts, the midnight finishes! I still enjoy seeing the pleasure my creations give to you and your guests. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years bring, watch this space!

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Some of my recent awards
Cake international Bronze award
Cake International Merit Award