Luxury Wedding Cakes – Fondant Cake

What style wedding cake do I want? Fondant Cake

Welcome back to part 5 of my series on ‘What style wedding cake do I want?‘ Luxury wedding cakes – fondant cake.
If you haven’t already head over and check out the other four parts where I will talk about other styles of wedding cake.
This blog however will look at fondant cakes and all the possibilities available. 

What is fondant?

Fondant or sugar paste is soft unlike royal icing but you are able to do so much more with it than buttercream. Along with flower paste the possibilities are pretty much endless! From five tiers to just one, from white to colourful, from plain to detailed its all possible with fondant. The five tier below, can you tell which two tiers are cake and which three are actually polystyrene?

No? Exactly, this couple only had 50 guests coming to their wedding but wanted that big show stopper cake. The best way to achieve that with out eating cake for the next year is to use dummy cakes! That’s a polystyrene cake covered in fondant and then decorated like a normal cake. Its the bottom three if you are still wondering! I then added ruffles to the base tier and quilting on the fourth, two effects only possible with fondant wedding cakes. Piping, although I pipe with royal icing is a great way to personalise your fondant wedding cake, you can add a monogram or a hand piped lace design.

Don’t want a white wedding cake?

No problem, fondant can be coloured, painted or even airbrushed. Add a bit of subtle colour like the wedding cake below where I have hand painted silver around the base. Or for a more bold look, I airbrushed the rose gold and coloured the royal blue icing for the four tier wedding cake. I’ve then stenciled in the alternate colour again using royal icing. Finishing the cake off with fondant swags and a few pearls.  

If you want to have white wedding cake but still want some colour, think about the flowers and the ribbon you can use. For example handmade sugar flowers in peach and yellow to match your colour scheme. As they are handmade I can make them in any colour and I can make most flowers. Or to match the flowers used in your bouquet or centre pieces. You can add fresh flowers in a variety of arrangements, just ask your florist. Or you could even add feathers to tie in your theme. Another option is to use silk flowers. 

Edible lace like the photo below can be made in any design and any colour. Its such a pretty affect!

Edible lace design

‚ÄčOr if you want something completely nontraditional, why not have a half and half wedding cake. Superheroes, football or Disney there is lots of different options, choose your favourite and have them hidden on the back!

Flash, Joker * batman themed half & half cake

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the different options that you can have in this blog and over the entire series.  If you would like to discuss the options for your wedding cake get it touch!

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