Luxury Wedding Cakes – Semi-naked cake

What style wedding cake do I want? Semi Naked cake

The third part of the what style wedding cake do I want series looks at luxury wedding cakes – semi-naked cakes.
​So what is a semi naked cake? Unlike the naked cakes where you can see the sponge fully. These have a scraping of buttercream on the sides. So the sponge is slightly hidden but you can still see some parts. 

Why would you choose a semi-naked wedding cake?

Semi naked cakes are again great for a rustic wedding. You can style the display around them to suit your theme. Or even set up a dessert style table. Paired with fresh flowers, fresh fruit or your custom topper they are the perfect addition to your wedding. As all my cakes are handmade. You can request how much buttercream or ganache you have on the side.  Plus with the extra buttercream around the side. Unlike the naked cakes these are less likely to dry out.

However I still only buttercream the cake on the morning of your wedding, so that your cake is as fresh as possible. Similarly to the naked cake you will still be able to see the different flavours in each tier unless you opt for flavours that look similar. However I can fill your cakes with filling the same flavour as the sponge and then coat the outside in one flavour so that it all looks the same. I also advise that if your having chocolate that its the middle tier to keep it even.

I love how this couple personalised their semi naked cake with bunting, Lego flowers, bride and groom. You can really tie in the theme of your wedding with small touches like the topper or flowers on your wedding cake. 

So I hope that has helped you find out more about semi naked wedding cakes. The next blog will be about buttercream or ganached wedding cakes.

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