What Style Wedding Cake Do I Want?

What style wedding cake do I want?

With so many styles to choose from nowadays, which wedding cake style should you go for?
I’m going to break this down in to naked, semi-naked, buttercream and finally fondant covered cakes.
​This blog however will cover them all slightly. Then I will go in to further detail over the next few blogs. Now I have mentioned the four main types of cakes I make. But do you even know what they refer to? Here are some pictures below to avoid confusion!

In the following blogs I will delve deeper in to the each style of cake. However, you can see from the photos that the style of your wedding usually reflects what type of cake you will have. 

The royal iced traditional cakes are a thing of the past. Fruit cake has definitely had its day! Although I still do the occasional one, but never all three tiers.

I also find a lot of couples mention that they find the fondant icing too sweet. It’s your day so have it your way if you don’t like fondant stick with one of the other three. 

Obviously lots of things will affect your choice of wedding cake. The theme/colour scheme, your invitations, sometimes your dress but your venue usually has the biggest influence. You will want to think about where you are going to place your cake. If your in a marquee is the floor level or will your table be slightly wonky? Not the best place if you would like a cake separated with pillars. Your safer to go for a cake that is stacked together to avoid any potential disasters. We can discuss things like this in your consultation. 

Rustic Weddings

If your planning a relaxed rustic, hessian and bunting galore themed wedding. Then naked, semi naked or buttercream cakes are going to be what you want to look at. I’ve personally found an increase in the naked, semi naked and buttercream cakes. With these being the main choice from my couples over the next few months and in to next year. I believe this is due to the increase in rustic themed weddings, with more barns becoming wedding venues. Which means the rustic style cake fits the rustic barn theme of your day perfectly.

Traditional Weddings

If your choosing a more traditional themed wedding. Where you would like to wow your guests with a show stopper cake. Then fondant designs will give you the creativity you will need.

Check out the other blogs in this series on the four different styles in more detail. Helping you to create your bespoke wedding cake. Hopefully this has helped you decide which cake is best suited for your wedding. Then you can get to the exciting bit of choosing the flavours and design.

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